Cold weekend on the sideline

14th Aug 2019

With freezing winds, occasional sleet and dark clouds, the conditions in Armidale were challenging for our junior teams this week. Unfortunately, between sides struggling with illness and a lack of opposition, a number of our teams did not play on Saturday. These same conditions also led to the Jack Vallance Junior Memorial Carnival being postponed on the Sunday until the 1st of September.
Under 6 Spooks - Showing true grit in their first season of soccer the Spooks took to the field in less than desirable conditions. Despite the blizzard conditions the Spooks managed a great game with 6 goals being added to their impressive team total for the season. Well done!
Under 12 Spirits - The Spirits played under slightly better conditions, although they played only a few blocks away. It was a very tight game against the leading team in their division. East Green controlled the play for most of the first half with multiple shots at goal being shut down by keeper Angus Dullaway who showed great skills to stop the ball in the strong winds. A high shot made it into the net for East Green before half time but Harry Purvis evened the score with a long-range ball finding the net. The Spirits returned to the field confidently after half time with the score 1-1. A deliberate hand ball in the box by East Green saw Jason Mowbray take a penalty shot, finding the net and taking the score to 2-1. Despite great defence the score was equalised just prior to full-time. The Spirits came close to adding to their score right on fulltime however a 2 all draw was a great result for a great, but challenging game! George Williamson and Daniel Grills played well this week.
Under 14 Ghosts - The Ghosts took on TAS in the sleet at Harris Park. Cooper Brennan took a penalty shot to give the Ghosts a 1-0 lead early in the first half. A kick from Jack Lockyer was deflected into the net off the gloves of the keeper giving the Ghosts a 2-0 lead at half time. Great defence kept the ball in the Ghosts half for the rest of the game with numerous shots just missing the goals in the strong wind. Robert Sisson saved a penalty shot just before full-time with the final score 2-0 to Guyra.
This Saturday sees a return to the Guyra fields for our final home round of the season with the exception of the Under 7 Jellybeans who have the BYE and the Under 9 Jets who play in Armidale. The draw for this weekend, 17 August is:
16A Jnr Caspers vs TAS White, Guyra 1, 8.30am
14A Ghosts vs Uralla Cougars, Guyra 1, 10.00am
14B Lil Caspers vs DK Diamonds, Guyra 6, 10.00am
12B Spirits vs DK Squires, Guyra 1, 11.10am
U10 Cobras vs DK Castles, Guyra 3, 10.00am
U9 Vipers vs DK Saints, Guyra 2, 10.00am
U9 Jets vs DK Rockets, Rologas 15, 11.00am
U8 Jaffas vs Guyra Skittles, Guyra 2, 9.00am
U8 Skittles vs Guyra Jaffas, Guyra 2, 9.00am
U7 Jellybeans, BYE
U7 Smartie vs East Rhinos, Guyra 4, 11.00am
U6 Spooks vs Armidale City Blue, Guyra 5, 10.00am