Guyra Pennant bowlers at State Playoffs

30th Jul 2019

Guyra No 7 Pennant Bowlers travelled to Nelsons Bay on the weekend to play in State playoffs.
Their first game was against Mingara with Guyra losing 66-48. Steven Sole’s team lost 13-23, Scott Campbell’s team lost 12-26 and Anthony Bull’s team won 23-12.
In the second game, Guyra played Colleambally. Guyra won this game 63-47. S Sole’s team lost 10-21, S Campbell’s team won 25-17 and A Bull’s team won 34-9.
In the third game, Guyra were up against St Johns Park and needed to win this game to make the finals. Unfortunately, Guyra lost 63-34 and this meant they were eliminated.
S Sole’s team lost 16-19, S Campbell’s team lost 12-34 and A Bull’s team lost 6-32. Well done to the teams for making it to the last 16 in the State.
The teams were:
R Walls, C Peardon, E Sole, and Steven Sole – 3 losses, -34
D Lyes, B Campbell, C Kliendienst, and S Campbell 1 win, -28
W Reeves, P Johnson, B Stanley and A Bull 2 wins, +4

Matches set down for Sunday, August 4th starting at 12 pm:
Handicap Singles - D Kennedy vs M Walls, marker I Jacobs, B Presnell vs R Cox Marker D Wilcox

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