Slow start for Caspers against Souths

14th Aug 2019

The Caspers travelled to Armidale on Saturday to take on South Armidale on a very cold and extremely windy day. These were very tough conditions and the South Armidale side warmed to their task straight from the kick off, starting at a blistering speed that the Caspers could not go with. Two minutes in, the Souths side had scored and were leading 1-0 before the Caspers had a chance of any possession.
From the restart the Caspers were under the hammer again and were very lucky not to go another goal down when a challenge in the box saw fill in keeper Blake Handebo knocked down. The ball went into the back of the net, but luckily for the Caspers the referee saw a foul and the goal was disallowed. With Blake unable to play on the Caspers switched some positions and got on with the game.
This seemed to give the Caspers the kick they needed and they were finally starting to get on top of the Souths side. This was rewarded with a flying header from Corby Kliendienst who flew above the opposition to score and then a well deserved goal to Tyson Burey gave the Caspers a 2-1 lead at half time.
The boys were positive they could stay on top and took to the field in the second half ready to finish off their opponents. Possession was all with the Caspers which began to frustrate Souths and it saw them continuously fouling the Caspers with some nasty challenges. To the boys credit they stuck to their task and before the Souths side knew it Corby had scored another two goals to give him a hat trick for the match and B.J Kliendienst scored another goal from the spot to give the Caspers a 5-1 victory.
Points went to Corby 3 for another stand out game finding his feet at the right time, Luke Brazier filled in on the flank and was brilliant getting 2, and B.J Kliendienst again led the way in the middle.
The boys know they have to start better than that if they are going to challenge the top sides and are ready to do the hard work to get the results. That starts this weekend when the Caspers are at home to TAS so come along for what should be a great game.
A cold game on the weekend in some nasty winter conditions put the Casper second grade through their paces against a handy Souths team.
The cold was evident in the Caspers start to the game as Souths put the pressure on early scoring a quick goal against Guyra. They then continued to mount pressure on Guyra till a break led the Caspers on the counter. This resulted in a penalty just outside the 18 yard box which Jake Ellis swiftly put in the back of the net to even the scores, which was the boost Guyra needed.
Constant pressure on the Souths side led to a Guyra second goal coming off the boot of Scotty Miller after some great build up from Maddi Morgan and Jake Ellis, taking Guyra to a 2/1 lead at half time. The second half started much the same as the first with Souths heaping the pressure on Guyra. The backs were again caught out when a penalty was given in the box to allow Souths to even the score.
Guyra kicked back into gear after that and applied constant pressure on the Souths goals but just couldn’t find the break they needed to get a head again ending the game a 2 all draw.
Points this week went 3 to Carly Harman and 2 Gemma Sisson with huge full game efforts in the backs and 1 to Scotty Miller with another huge effort in the midfield and up front.