Show of heart by Caspers against Inverell

23rd Jul 2019

The Caspers took to their home ground on Saturday, against second placed Inverell in what was a very important game. The boys were on song from the kick off, controlling the ball and dominating possession without really pressuring the goals. This came back to bite them when the Inverell side got their share of the ball, opening up their account when their very tall striker rose above all to place his header in the bottom corner in the 20th minute.
The Caspers began to lose their way and were giving up possession from ill placed passes and pressure from their opponents. Frustration started to appear and the Caspers found themselves a man down when Taylor Brennan unluckily received his second yellow card. This saw him ejected from the match and the Caspers were down to 10 men for the rest of the match.
The boys fought valiantly for the remaining 12 minutes of the first half and the score remained 1-0 to Inverell at half time.
Half time talk was surprisingly very positive and the boys were keen to get a result from the second half. With many players being chopped and changed to try and fill the hole left the boys started the second half with gusto and as the half went on actually began to dominate with quick restarts and crisp passing.
As the half went on it looked as though the Caspers hopes would be in vain until a ball came loose outside the box and man of the match Matt Simpson hit a great volley to level the scores with 20 minutes to go.
By this time the Caspers were in all-out attack and completely dominating the Inverell side, even with the extra man, but were unable to finish their opponents off leaving the score 1-1 at full time.
The boys could almost take this as a victory, but they now know they can’t wait for something to happen before they start picking up their game.
As mentioned Matt Simpson received the 3, with B.J Cameron (who filled in a few positions) playing his heart out for 2, and B.J Kliendienst who completely dominated the middle getting 1.
The Caspers are away to Ex-Servies this weekend which will be a big test as the boys have had trouble all year with this young side.
After wo weeks off for the holidays, Guyra seconds started back with a solid game against Inverell. The game started fast with Guyra’s kick off leading straight to a goal from the boot of Matt Sisson.
Inverell then showed why they are a top team by parking themselves at Guyra’s end with consecutive corners before finally catching the backs out to level the score.
The first half continued like this until Guyra found the break they needed to get in front again with a penalty outside the box, which was once again put to the back of the net by Matt Sisson bagging himself a double.
The second half saw the scores stay at 2-1 to Guyra, who were unlucky not to put more points on the board with Rheece, Cooper, and Maddi all having close chances. With the game winding into the final minutes Guyra were running out of steam and Inverell capitalised on this and managed to score a late goal in the last 10 seconds to draw the game.
It was a huge effort from the girls and guys of seconds with Matt Sisson earning 3 points for his efforts up front, Cooper Stanley got 2 for a solid game in the mid-field, and Gemma Sisson got 1 point for another solid effort in the backs.