Soccer Reports

20th May 2021

Under 10s
The Phantoms took on Walcha this week in an entertaining game. Walcha came out firing and they scored two quick goals. Phantoms hit back with a well worked goal to Sienna Nguyen. Walcha managed to regroup and put another one away right on half time. The Phantoms came out strong in the second half and they were playing some great soccer. Isabella Purvis creating many problems for Walcha’s defence before she scored not one but two good goals to have us back in the game. A hand ball in the box gave Kayne Brennan a penalty kick which he calmy put away. End result 4-4 in a really great comeback for the Phantoms.

Under 14s
had a win with the final score 3 - 2. Under 16s went down 3 - 1 with Cooper Brennan being the only goal scorer for Guyra.

Over 35s - The old ghosts played out a 1 all draw with the North Armidale Redman. On a cold windy day in Guyra the Guyra boys had their backs to the wall early with a few new boys filling in.
Ben Henry and uncle DAN were strong in the mid field all day. Stevie MAC had his usual game running around like a headless Chook and Craybob Wilson was outstanding in the backs as well as Haydon Raper
It was nil all at half time and straight after the break Stevie MAC put Guyra’s goal away.
The Redmen applied pressure on the old boys deep in their half of the field. Goalkeeper ROCKEATER took out a player in the box which gave the Redmen a dot shot. To everyone’s surprise the big man saved the dot shot. With five minutes the Redmen chipped one in 1 making it 1 all
The points this week go to Haydon Raper (3), Craybob Wilson (2) and Uncle DAN (Adam Litherland) (1)

3rd Grade
remain undefeated and still on top of the ladder with their 3 - 0 win over Armidale City Westside, goals scorers for the day were Rexly Tasso 1, Hudson Felani 1 and Robert Sisson 1.

2nd Grade on top still! With a typical Saturday afternoon rearing it’s face again, sunny and freezing breeze, Guyra had another top of the table clash. This time against East Armidale.
A minute silence was taken place before the whistle to pay our respects to Ted Mulligan, thank you for all your work for sport in Guyra.
A slow start to the game for the Caspers really showed Easts an opportunity to capitalise with four corners to them in the spate of five minutes. To the credit of the Caspers, no goal eventuated from this onslaught. Copious amount of possession for the Caspers bought Easts to their knees with the first of many goals for the day. Golden Boot Normi slotted the first for the day with extremely eye-popping ball control and pin point accuracy.
With all players passing and switching positions well, young Lukey Brazier made a dash down the right side and to his credit, crossed a ball which landed sweetly on the forehead of Tyson who didn’t miss and rattled the back of the net to take the boys 2-0 up at oranges. Words from coach Colin at halftime, seemed to land on deaf ears with the first fifteen minutes pretty slow and it wasn’t until a lack of positional play allowed Easts to get a shot off from outside the box which shook the net and also shook the boys back into gear. Consistent ball possession and positive talk between the lads led to a screamer of a goal off the boot of youngest Harrison. Guyra took another 3 points to stay on top of the table. The support that was seen at the game on Saturday was extremely warming and no doubt everyone there were exposed to some wonderful soccer. Your continued support is always welcome.
It's looking to be a very successful year for the Caspers this year with all three grade remaining on top of the ladder.

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