Guyra Anglers floats fishing to another level

02nd Jul 2024

It’s o-FISH-al– Guyra Anglers Club is proud to announce that the Inclusive Fishing Pontoon, made by DockPRO, is in place at Tenth Dam.
Although installation of the pontoon is not quite fin-ished, it needs its concrete access apron laid, our official opening won’t be too long a wait for our great community – watch this space.
The Club has had a long love affair with Tenth dam – from the original clean out of the dam, Club funded and completed with generous support of local businesses.
Further upgrades are possible with grants from the Department of Primary Industries Recreational Fishing Freshwater Trust Expenditure Committee (RFFTEC), and fantastic support from Guyra Bowling and Recreation Club.
The solar-powered Fountain Aerator, which helps maintain the health of the fish stocks in Tenth Dam, and the Inclusive Fishing Pontoon will open the world of fishing to more people.
These are examples of grants that are your fishing licence fees in action and come from Trusts that have funds to be spent only on additional services for freshwater anglers.
Our Club has the aim of giving back to the community by stocking local streams and dams with various fish, and by opening the world, and joy, of fishing to everyone – young, old, and everyone in between!
We love seeing the enjoyment that Tenth Dam gives the Guyra community and watching everyone utilise the dam. Our aim was to ensure that the fishing experience was opened to more individuals, therefore installing the pontoon was a natural next step to take.
The wheelchair accessible pontoon is the closest one of this scale for hundreds of kilometres.
Want to get involved with our club? Email us at or pop along to one of our meetings. The next one is at 6pm on Saturday August 3 at Guyra Bowling Club. Upcoming dates for your diary: John Wilcox Trout Classic October 4,5 & 6, and the GoneFishing day at Malpas Dam on Sunday October 13 held in conjunction with OzFish.
Tamora Howel-Jones