Great support for cricket in 2023/24

18th Jun 2024

Guyra Cricket Club wishes to acknowledge everyone who contributed to the 2023/24 season.
Following on from a run of successful seasons, this year was one of rebuilding and investment. Two senior and two junior teams participated in the Armidale District competition and while they were competitive there were no major successes this year.
The priority for the year was the purchase of a new roller to allow the turf wicket in Guyra to be prepared, and retain its reputation as one of the best wickets in the district. This was a substantial cost for the club, and thanks to some extra sponsorship and grants the purchase was able to proceed.
The club would like to acknowledge the continued support of the Royal Hotel as our major sponsor and hope that this will continue with the new management.
Thanks also to the Regional Australia Bank who continue to support local groups through their Community Partnership Program. The club were also selected to participate in the January round of the Greater New England funding initiative. Thanks to everyone in the community supporting this, we were successful in getting a boost to our bank balance which was very much appreciated.
Extra funding also came our way by way of sponsorship from Squadron Energy, Sole Taxation and Grazag, as well as a successful grant application from the NSW government. Thanks to Adrian Cameron and Craig Lockyer for the work they put into to making this happen. Armidale Veterans cricket also made a contribution towards the roller purchase which was greatly appreciated.
Thank you to all the players, and committee members who contributed throughout the year. In particular, a massive thank you to all of our junior cricketers and our junior coaches and parents for your commitment to fostering the next bunch of local talent.
We hope to see everyone back on deck when the next season kicks off in October.
James Stewart

Senior Awards 2023/24
1st Grade
Ted Mulligan Best & Fairest -
Grant Ryan
Captains Award Aidan Purvis
and Stephen McElroy
Players/Player - Grant Ryan
One Day most runs - Mitchell
One Day most wickets - Charlie
T20 most runs - Joey Ryan
T20 most Wickets - Joey Ryan

3rd Grade
Ron Lansley Best and Fairest-
Mavric Foster
Captains Award - Cooper
Players/Player - Mavric Foster
One Day most runs - Hugo
One Day most wickets - Mavric
T20 most runs - Graham
T20 most wickets - Mavric

2nd Grade
T20 most runs- Aidan Purvis
T20 most wickets - Maurice

Junior Awards 2023/24
Under 13s
Players/Player - Tom Ward
Coaches Award - Tyler Bourke
Most runs - Tyler Cameron
Most wickets - Tom Ward

Under 11s
Coaches Award - Rylan Wilson
Most Improved- Oscar Laing
Most Runs- Flynn McFarlane
Most Wickets- Chaise Martin