Master’s Hockey success

Ken Whitty, Matthew Bull, Dean Waters, Matthew Jackson, Peter Jackson, Michael Jackson, Archie Waters (child)
17th Oct 2023

At the conclusion to the 2023 Hockey season a number of members from Guyra and New England were selected to play for NSW Hockey teams.
The players have just returned from Perth after competing in the 2023 Australian Master’s Hockey Championships.
Michael and Peter Jackson played in the NSW Over 60’s Blue team while Matthew Jackson and Dean Waters played in the NSW Over 34’s team. Matt Bull and Ken Whitty played in the Over 40’s and Over 45’s respectively.
Another Guyra club member, Paul Marquardt also competed at the Championships and has been selected to play for Australia in the Over 60’s in Auckland.
Michael and Peter Jackson were part of the NSW team that won the gold medal over the home state Western Australia in the Grandfinal 3-2 and are now Australian Champions.
Whilst Matt Bull, Ken Whitty, Matthew Jackson and Dean Waters didn’t bring any medals home, they all played very well in their respective age groups and Matthew Jackson and Dean Waters have both been selected to play in the Australian Over 34’s in Capetown next year at the World Cup in July.

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