New lawnmower keeps fairways looking good

Guyra Bowling and Recreation Club President David Wilcox, left, Northern Tablelands MP Adam Marshall, club volunteers Ann and Michael Shipman and club Secretary Manager Ken Law standing proudly with the club’s brand new Toro lawnmower
15th Dec 2021

The NSW Government has provided a $86,230 grant to the Guyra Bowling and Recreation Club through the NSW Government’s 2021 Community Building Partnership Program for the purchase of a new top-of-the-line Toro Groundmaster 4010-D lawnmower.
Member for Northern Tablelands Adam Marshall said the Club’s former mower was long overdue for a trade-in after clocking up hundreds of hours of work.
“With a wet summer expected, keeping on top of the mowing on the golf course will be a full-time job,” Mr Marshall said.
“The club’s former mower was about 10 years old and spent as much time out of action due to overheating as at work keeping the fairways and roughs maintained.
“This new machine has a special Smart Power feature, which prevents the machine from bogging down in heavy cutting conditions and keeps the blade speed at optimum cutting pace in any grass length – which will be very handy this summer.
“Keeping a club operational and presentable is no small task and I thank each of the members and those on the board who play their part to keep the doors open on this important community facility.”
Guyra Bowling and Recreation Club President David Wilcox said the new mower would improve the facility for a large cross-section of the community, both in a sporting and social context.
“The Guyra Bowling and Recreation Club is an important part of our community and it is important the grounds look their best when visitors and patrons come on site,” Mr Wilcox said.
“We are very thankful for this grant as it will allow us to raise the standard of our golf course, which we hope will in turn attract more of our community members back to using the facility on a regular basis. 
“The Toro will ensure we also meet our WHS obligations and keep up with workplace practices.
“Knowing we have the best equipment may also encourage current members to increase their volunteering at the facility.
“I thank Adam and the State Government for this generous funding and those from the club who put time into the successful application.”

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