Great weather and great bowls

01st Sep 2020

For the last weekend of Winter Mother Nature really turned on her charm with great weather conditions. Saturday August 29th saw a number of Club Championships played. In Club Pairs two Semi Finals were played:
John Jackson and Barry Campbell played Dan Kennedy and Barry Walls. In this game Dan and Barry scored a 4 on the first end but John and Barry soon made a game of it, on no less than four occasions the scores were level. John and Barry held a 3 shot lead going into the last end but Dan and Barry managed to draw 3 shots making the scores even. This made it necessary to play an extra end. John and Barry held game but Dan drew the shot and with only one bowl to play John was unable to dislodge the shot bowl. Dan and Barry the victors 19 shots to 18 shots over 22 ends.
The other Club Pairs was nearly a carbon copy of the first game as it also was a titanic tussle. John McIlwain and Anthony Bull played Col Stanley and David Lyes. This game started off in a similar fashion to the other game only the scores travelled along at shot for shot. In this game the scores were level on 6 occasions. On end 20, John and Anthony held a 1 shot lead and only having to win end 21 and the game was their’s but as we all know the game is not over until the last bowl is played. This proved to be the case as Col and David drew a shot and this also made the game even on end 21. Again another end had to be played and Col and David managed to draw a shot taking the win 18 shots to 17 shots over 22 ends.
I can’t recall any results like this, both Semi Finals having to be decided by playing an extra end. Anybody watching the games saw a great display of Championship Bowls played.
In Club Triples David Wilcox, Murray Bourke and Paul Johnson played Barry Presnell, Cameron Peardon and Bob Goodchild. This also proved to be a wonderful game of bowls. David and team drew ahead and by end 10 had the game in there keeping, however nobody told Barry and his team. They fought back and with only one end to play and 4 shots behind Barry and his team were only able to draw 3 shots thus falling 1 shot short. David and his team took out the game 21 shots to 20 shots over 21 ends.
In Minor Singles: Mallie Walls played Wayne Reeves. Both players started off exchanging ends but by end 14 Mallie drew ahead and from then on was never headed and went on to take the win 31 shots to 22 shots over 30 ends.
Sunday August 30th saw the Final of the Club Pairs played between Dan Kennedy and Barry Walls and the team of Col Stanley and David Lyes. If the standard of Bowls played Saturday was anything to go by then the Final would be a cracker. The Bowls did not disappoint. Col and David jumped out of the blocks early and despite the determination of Dan and Barry, Col and David managed to hold their game together and go on to become Pairs Club Champions 24 shots to 17 shots over 21 ends.
Club Championships set down for this weekend.
Saturday September 5th: Start: 12.00pm. Starter and Umpire: John Jackson
Club Triples: Dan Kennedy, Greg Mitchell and Grahame Starr to play John McIlwain, Anthony Bull and Roger Cox. Mallie Walls, Ian Jacobs and Robert Walls to play John Jackson, Geoff Reeves and Wayne Reeves
Major Singles: David Wilcox to play Robert Moore marker Barry Presnell.
Sunday September 6th: Box Draw Pairs, 12 players minimum all welcome. Bowls shirt to be worn if possible. Prize money: $200. Donated by: Murray and Betty Bourke and David Wilcox. Cost to play $5 per player names by 12.00pm: Start: 12.30pm.