Junior Spuds head down the hill

16th Apr 2024

Guyra Junior Rugby League headed down the hill to Armidale for the weekend games.
Under 6s - An Early start for the ‘Little Chats’ but they were eager to play footy. New recruit Hudson Hoy ran fast down the sideline and was lucky to get a try. Jaxon Orchard had fun and helped in dummy half and Nash Cameron is always determined to find the try line. A great fun game to watch for the spectators.
Under 8s – The under 8s are enjoying their footy. Each week their tackling skills are improving, and they work well as a team. Lulu Cruickshank and Jack Newberry both crossed the line for a try. Billie Cox’s kick for goal was successful.
Junior League Tag – The girls are scoring machines. Everyone on the team scored a try and this was by working as a team. Indigo Atkin also kicked two goals and Rashiah Torrens tagged well all game.
Under 10s – Had a great game on the weekend winning 34 – 8. The Under 10s are working well as a team with the forwards making meters and all players helping in defence. Una Ale received 3 points and Ned Newberry received 1 from the referee for their efforts on the field. This team is improving each week.
Under 12s – Every player on this team gave it their all on Saturday. Spurred on by their coach they went out and played some awesome football. Running the ball well in the middle and then using their fast players to cross the line. It was great football to watch. Ryan Vidler played hard all game and this earnt him three points from the referee and Braxton Hutton received 1 for his efforts. A massive effort from these boys to dominate Armidale and take the points with a 34 – 6 win.
Intermediate League Tag – All the girls in intermediate league tag are giving it their all at training and on game day. This got them the win 38-4 in Armidale. Each of the girls runs the ball well to the defence line and then can pick the gaps to run through. Each of you brings skill and talent to the team. Oakley Brazer received 3 points from the referee. Sammy Dowden had a great game in defence diving for tags and stopping tries. This was a great game to watch.
Under 14s – Guyra had a team of 13 players up against a team of 20 Armidale Rams. The Guyra 14’s should be commended on how well they played as a team supporting each other all game keeping the Armidale to only 28 points. There is some great talent across the team in both attack and defence. Will Hutton received one point from the referee for his defence. The boys showed real determination in the second half and played some entertaining football and unfortunately went down to the Rams 4 – 28. These boys could use a few more players if any 13 or 14 year olds are wanting to have a crack at rugby league come up to the sports complex next Thursday afternoon and give it a go.
Senior League Tag – The girls came onto the field with heaps of confidence only to be defeated by Armidale 12 – 30. Armidale had some fast players in the middle which got them some quick tries. Shelby Heagney and Clair Bliss managed to sidestep and twist their way through the defence to score a try each. Great tagging by all the Guyra players. The team will learn from this game and apply it to their next game.
Under 16s – This team is here to play football this year!! Our boys took to the field and had Armidale on the back foot straight away. Our forwards dominated the middle of the paddock against a much larger side with bone jarring defence and paving the way for some brilliant attacking raids. Armidale Rams were able to draw close just before half time, but the second half was all Super Spuds. The backs showed some speed to leave Armidale grasping at air and our forwards carved them up through the middle. There were a couple of questionable calls which led to disallowed tries and the score would have been greater, but the boys are to be congratulated with a 40 – 22 win over a solid opponent.