Men’s Golf

16th Apr 2024

A large group of players lined up for the first 2 days of the Mens Club Championship. With great weather and the course in great condition the days were made for good scores.
None better than our Gross winner for Saturday, defending champ Mick (big brother of big forehead Jas) Purvis with 1 under par 72, and our Nett winner with a brilliant score of 55 to Levi Vanderwolf. Levi has applied himself to his golf lately and this was a great reward for all his hard work.
Full Saturday results were Gross winners A-Grade Mick Purvis, B-Grade Peter Jackson, C-Grade Cooper Brennan.
Nett Winners A-Grade Harry Purvis B-Grade Dan Lennon C-Grade Levi Vanderwolf.
Nearest the pins 7th Dominic Hill 10th John Prisk 18thTyson Burey.
Sunday results Gross Winner A-Grade Mick Purvis B-Grade Scott Mendes C-Grade Cooper Brennan.
Nett Winners A-Grade Mick Jackson B-Grade Wayne Purvis C-Grade Roger Grills.
Nearest the pins 7th Ian Taylor 10th Neil Paine 18th Ian Taylor.
So after two Rounds the placings are A Grade Mick Purvis 146 Dominic Hill 158, B-Grade Peter Jackson 166 Scott Mendes and Dan Lennon 170 and C-Grade Cooper Brennan 187 Roger Grills 195.
Don't forget you only need to play one round of the Championships to qualify for Matchplay.
If you would like to watch the final players coming in on Sunday the viewing area is on the side of the 18th at around 1pm to see the winners complete their final hole.
Happy Golfing. S.K.