Junior League

31st May 2022

Junior League
Guyra played Warialda Wombats at home on the weekend and there was plenty to celebrate for the home side.
Under 8s - Guyra 48 Warialda Black 26 (Tries Hunter Melmeth 2 Abel Ketley 1, Unaloto Ale 1, Ashton Hutton 3, Airlie Vidler 1 Indigo Atkin 2 Goals Unaloto Ale 3 Airlie Vidler 1
Under 8s - Guyra 48 Warialda Red 22 (Tries Gregory West 1, Abel Ketley 1, Ashton Hutton 3, Airlie Vidler 2, Indigo Atkin 3. Goals Abel Ketley 1, Unaloto Ale 2
Under 10s - Guyra 16 Warialda 22 (Tries Seth Patterson 2, Hugo Sisson 1. Goals Seth Patterson 1, Hugo Sisson 1)
Under 12s - Guyra 22 Warialda Red 8 (Tries Will Hutton 2 , Liam Hutton 1, Lincoln Atkin 1. Goals Parker Campbell, Lincoln Atkin, Jack Wesley)
Under 12s - Guyra 32 Warialda Black 14 (Tries Beau Wilson 1, Will Hutton 2, Lincoln Atkin 1, Max Lockyer 1, Harley Fergusen 1. Goals Beau Wilson 1, Thomas Graham 1, Thomas Ward 1, William Vidler 1)`
Senior League Tag - Guyra 12 Warialda 14 (Tries Lucy Ward 1, Lorissa Wilson 2)
Intermediate League Tag Guyra 18 Warialda 12 (Tries Sammy Rose-Dowden 1, Gwenisha Landsborough 2, Lily McFarlane 1. Goals Chloe Wilson 1
Junior League Tag - Guyra 30 Warialda Black 8 (Tries Mikyla Patterson 1, Scarlett Newberry 1, Manatu Ashman 1, Ava Williams 1, TaearlieghTorrens 3. Goals Ava Williams 2)
Junior League Tag - Guyra 42 Warialda Red 4 (Tries Scarlett Newberry 3, Latai Ale 2, Manatu Ashman 1, Sharnahlelah Bishop 1,TaearileighTorrens 3. Goals Manatu Ashman 1)
Under 14s - Guyra 12 Warialda 14 (Tries Linjarra West 1, Jason Mowbray 1. Goals Harry Purvis 2)

Men’s Bowls
Two games last weekend - in major/minor pairs John Mcilwain and Anthony Bull were too strong for David Wilcox and Paul Johnson winning 31-18 . In club pairs Dan Kennedy and Barry Walls overpowered Col Stanley and Tim Ellis 26-17.
On Saturday 4th June at 12pm in open singles, Michael Shiner will play John Mcilwain with David Wilcox to mark. In club pairs Robert Moore and Paul Johnson will play Steven Sole and Robert Walls.
On Sunday at 12pm in handicap singles Dan Kennedy will play Mallie Walls with David Wilcox to mark . In minor singles Randy Mulligan will play Logan Beechey with Robert Walls to mark.

Ladies’ Golf
Last week the ladies played for the NEDGA Jug generously sponsored by Grills Racing. The winners were Karen Oehlers and Leonie Taylor. Runners up on a countback were Jenny Rogers and Wendy George. Nearest the pin was only on the 9th hole with Karen Oehlers hitting a great shot onto the green.
This week the Ladies are playing in the Inverell Ladies Open. Next week is a Graham Betts Round with Jenni Jackson as the starter and sponsor.