Swimming sensations

24th Feb 2021

On the fine summer’s day of Wednesday February 10, Guyra Central School held their secondary swimming carnival. It was outstanding to see the participation and sportsmanship displayed, with most students entering in a race and substantial support from the sideline.
Highlights from the day include the “Students vs Teachers” race, with teachers coming out on top (just) and the inflatable floaty race; overall enjoyment was had by all.
Age Champions from the day are as follows:
12 Year Girls: Bree Wilson; 12 Years Boys: Archie Jackson
13 Years Girls: Charlie Wilson; 13 Years Boys: Darcey Heagney
14 Years Girls: Courtney Spradbrow; 14 Years Boys: Jake Tibbs
15 Years Girls: Maddison Bull; 15 Years Boys: Cooper Brennan
16 Years Girls: Stephanie Spradbrow; 16 Years Boys: Fletcher Richardson
17+ Girls: Holly Peters; 17+ Boys: Cooper Stanley
Further achievements were recognised with the competition of Most House Points, places as follows:
3rd Nincoola 146 points, 2nd Malpas 213 points, and Chandler the victors with 239 points.
I would like to acknowledge the staff contribution towards the day and thank all teachers for attending and making the day enjoyable. In particular, Sport Co-ordinator Mrs Linley Ryan for all her fantastic efforts as per usual.
Ellie Mitchell
Secondary Sport Captain

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