Men’s golf championships wrap up

Gross winners Beau Orchard (C grade)Peter Jackson B grade) and Club Champion Mick Purvis (A grade)
23rd Apr 2024

The Golf championships were completed on the weekend and full results are as follows.
Day 1 Proudly sponsored by Guyra ‘Corby is a short bloke’ Bakery.
Gross winners: A Grade- Mick Purvis, B Grade- Peter Jackson,
C Grade- Cooper Brennan.
Nett winners: A Grade- Wayne Purvis, B Grade- Dan Lennon, C Grade- Levi Vanderwolf.
Day 2 Proudly sponsored by Fourways Service Centre.
Gross Winners: A Grade- Mick Purvis, B Grade- Scott Mendes, C Grade-Beau Orchard.
Nett Winners: A Grade- Dominic Hill, B Grade- Wayne Purvis, C Grade- Cooper Brennan.
Day 3 Proudly Sponsored by Guyra Smash Repairs.
Gross winners: A Grade- Adam Brennan, B Grade- Peter Jackson, C Grade- Beau Orchard.
Nett Winners: A Grade- Steve Kliendienst B Grade- Brett Little, C Grade- Levi Vanderwolf.
Day 4 Proudly sponsored by IGA Guyra.
Gross Winners: A Grade- Mick Purvis, B Grade- Scott Mendes, C Grade- Beau Orchard.
Nett Winners: A Grade- Harry Purvis, B Grade- Taylor Brennan, C Grade- Noah Brennan.
Nearest the pins for all the days were 7th-Dominic Hill, Ian Taylor, Ian Taylor and Harry Purvis, 10th- John Prisk, Neil Paine, Dan Lennon and Neil Paine, 18th- Tyson Burey and Ian Taylor.
There was also a Junior event run on the last Sunday and this was taken out by Noah Brennan. Great to see some new young faces on the course
This leaves the overall winners who were:
Nett Winners: C Grade- Levi Vanderwolf this is a great reward for someone who is putting in the time to better himself.
B Grade: Scott Mendes who tried hard to run P J down but just fell short.
A Grade: Mick Jackson who played consistently and was the best of the rest.
Gross winners: C Grade: Beau Orchard who had shots to make up on the last day but ran Cooper down.
B Grade: Peter Jackson who led from start to finish in a consistent 4 rounds.
And last but not least our Club Champion for 2024 was Mick Purvis who obliterated the field in a dominant display with a score of 3 over par for the whole championships to blow away his rivals. Congratulations Mick we hope to see you competing for years to come.
Congratulations to all the winners and also to everyone who competed over the four days.
Once again thanks to our daily sponsors who with their support make this event as brilliant as it was. They are the  Guyra Bakery (Col and Kylie Stanley), Fourways Service Centre (Troy Wesley), Guyra Smash Repairs (John Mcdiarmid), IGA ( under new ownership still supporting local) and the Guyra Bowling and Recreation Club.
A big thanks to Shane Brennnan for producing a course in pristine condition - a big thumbs up to you and your staff and helpers, something our town can be very proud of.
The Matchplay draw will be out in the next few weeks with a big field involved so keep your eyes out for that.

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