Junior League heads north

25th Jun 2024

Guyra Junior League headed north to take on the Glen Innes Magpies. But it was not Guyra’s day on the footy field.
First game of the day was
Intermediate League Tag.  This was a clash of the top two teams and what a game it was. The Guyra girls defended well all game with Sammy Dowden getting some quick tags from the marker position. This slowed the Glen Innes down in their attack. Attacking the defence line strong and with speed earned Ava Williams and Tae Torrens a couple of tries. The end result was a draw 16 – 16. The girls come away on a positive and know what they need to work on.
The Under 10s had to defend some hard running from the opposition. Steven McLeod is committed to the team and gives his all. Jahkairan Munro-Davies runs the ball well and cheers on his teammates. Keep up the great work Under 10s.
Junior League Tag was our only winners on the day. With only six players on the team, each week the girls go out and play some great footy.

Four tries in one game goes to Indigo Atkin with her quick steps confusing the opposition. Eva Artz had a great game in both attack and defence earning her Guyra Girl of the match.
 Under 8s – have a great team that always turn up on the day to play footy. Nicholas Hutton has some great tackle technique and is always there in support. Tremane Patterson is quick of the mark, and this got him two tries on the weekend.
 The ‘Little Chats’ Under 6s are entertaining to watch. Running onto the field through a tunnel made by the under 10s team the 6s took to the field with heaps on excitement. The whole team are improving with their tagging technique, but everyone loves it when it’s their turn to run the football. Peyton Orchard made a great break up the sideline to get a try. Solomone Ale with the ball tucked up tight zigs and zags his way across the field.
The Under 12s Team turned up to give it their all to Glen Innes. In a tight game right till the end the boys left nothing on the paddock. Putting on some great tackles and working together in defence they stayed right in the game. Darcy Sisson is reliable in defence and runs the ball well in attack. Jake Atz also had a solid game with some confident running of the ball. The final score was 12-16 to Glen Innes.
 Senior League Tag knew they had to play their best against a strong Glen Innes side. The girls opened the scoring through Ella Vidler finding a gap in the defence. All the girls defended well helping one and other out when needed. Claire Bliss and Stevie McElroy both got try saving tags. The game was 10 all with only 5 minutes to go. Unfortunately, Glen Innes managed to get two breaks away to cross the try line. The score was 10 – 20.
 The Under 14s play so well and as a team week in week out. Truly the score never reflects the effort these boys put in on the field. With a couple of injuries early in the game the Guyra boys were short in numbers and had to do a lot of work in defence. Thomas Graham received the ball from a cut out pass to cross the line for a try and Jack Beard earnt himself 2 points from the referee for his efforts.
 Right from the kick off the Under 16s had to play a fast paced, physical game of footy. Our boys put on some strong hard tackles rattling the Glen Innes attack. Through a Guyra error Glen Innes crossed in the corner for their first try of the match. The Guyra boys kept up the intensity, but Glen Innes were fast in attack all game. Our Guyra boys played the full 60 minutes of football and never gave up with a late try to Hugo Brazier and conversion to Harry Purvis. The final score was 6 – 36. This weekend the 16s have the bye.
 Thank you to all the Guyra supporters that stay and watch all our teams play at away games. This weekend we play Warialda at home. See you at the footy.
Go the Spuds