20th Dec 2022

If you look at Luke’s account of Jesus’ birth, he only takes 33 words to describe how it all went down. Matthew’s gospel is even shorter, taking only 13!
As you keep reading the Gospel accounts, you quickly find appearing angels, shepherds, and gift bringers. But the story is over so fast that it can leave us feeling short-changed. Surely the arrival of a king should be a little more extravagant?
Well, thankfully, the Bible is brief on the details of Jesus’ physical arrival into the world because it is far more concerned with telling us what the arrival of this child means for the world. Specifically, the Bible wants us to know how this event changes all of our lives.
Extravagant presents, food, and fun are all features of Christmas, though what they tend to do is distract us from what the season is about: God stepping into our world and walking among us with a plan to save us from ourselves.
Christmas is an annual opportunity to remember that Jesus came to life on earth, ultimately to offer all of us life now and for eternity, which is worth celebrating! That’s why the army of angels sang on the hills outside Bethlehem. 
On that night, God’s promise to save the world was coming true. Heaven could not keep quiet because the saviour had arrived, forgiveness would be made available through his blood, and a new future for anyone that trusted him was now at hand!
This Christmas, will you remain blissfully distracted about what this season is about, or will you come to Jesus and find life? If you’d like to know more, we’d love to see you at St James’ at 9 am on Christmas Day or 9 am any Sunday during the year.
Rev Tim Stevens
St James Anglican Church