School’s out for the class of 2022

27th Sep 2022

Guyra Central School farewelled the Class of 2022 last week bringing to a close 13 years of schooling for the students who began their education in 2010.
Students, staff and family celebrated the completion of their secondary education on Friday beginning with a traditional breakfast with parents and staff.
The student’s successes were later celebrated at a valedictory assembly with the presentation of their portfolio and awards. Special memories of this year’s cohort were shared by way of a photo presentation and also via speeches from each of the year groups.
Each year the departing Year 12 students also select a recipient from years 7-10 to receive the 'Positive Recognition Shield' for their contribution to the school and community.
This year’s award went to Jake Tibbs who was presented with the award during the Valedictory Assembly.
As a parting gesture, the Year 12 students also donated $500 to the Black Dog Institute.
“Guyra Central School are honoured and privileged to have been a part of a 13 year educational journey with these extraordinary young adults."
“May your secondary school graduation be just the beginning of a lifetime of fulfilment and happiness. Strive, not only for greatness, but to be the best version of yourself. “