Bursting to be part of the community

Jen Pettit and Garren Beattie with ‘apprentice’ Gizmo
22nd Mar 2023

Burst Control is a new mobile business servicing Guyra and surrounds. Behind this new business are the dynamic duo of Garren Beattie and Jen Petitt.
Burst control offers mobile, onsite hydraulic and industrial hose installation and repairs. If you have a problem with hoses, they promise a solution. They cover the full range from road transport, agriculture, aviation, earthmoving, and mining, right down to your hose on your washing machine.
Although it is still early days for the business, they are getting plenty of work, mainly from word of mouth. They say that they never thought it would be this good and didn’t predict the business would be moving along at the rate they are already, to the point they are already contemplating warehouses and purchasing a second vehicle.
It is a long way from living and working in Mt Isa to running a business in Guyra. Garren and Jen decided the time was right to find a place to call their ‘forever home’ when they were working 6 days a week as essential workers during COVID.
Over the course of a few months, they travelled around 20,000km from Rockhampton in the north down to Tamworth in the south, to get feel for places along the way.
“We decided it was time to move on and wanted to get out of Mt Isa and try to find somewhere we could call home,” Garren said.
“We wanted a place where we could start from scratch, sink our teeth into the community and somewhere to raise a family.”
“Everything really fell into place for us when we came to Guyra because everyone was so friendly and nice,” he said.
“We found a home we liked and in just a few months we have gotten our business up and running and already feel like we are part of the community.”
“Being a mobile business offers a great deal of flexibility for both us and our clients. We will service your equipment as far as the petrol tank will take us, and will look after whoever needs help, even if that is on the side of the road or out in the middle of your paddock.”
“Instead of carting your machine off to be repaired, we will come to you, which saves on transport costs and minimises the time taken out due to breakdowns.”
Garren said that customer service is his number one priority.
“If you call us, I will answer and if I miss a call I will get back to you. I’m more than happy to work with customers to solve their problem and can meet their budget.”
Garren is not only the repair guy, he is also learning the ropes in the office, while Jen works full time in Armidale. They are both keen to become part of the community for the long term.
“We really want to make a difference and get as involved as possible in what is happening around town,” Jen said.
“Because we have chosen to come here, we want to contribute and help the community prosper. Between the both of us we make a good team and hopefully down the track we will become role models and inspire other people to have a go.”