Disappointed, sad and angry

13th Jul 2021

President of the Guyra and District Chamber of Commerce Steve Mepham said that it is disappointing for any small town to lose services.
“This will impact not only businesses in town, but will also have an impact for pensioners and older people in our community,” Steve said.
“Business owners will struggle because there are some things you can’t do online and it means they may have to travel to Armidale to pick up cash and do their banking. The closure adds another level of inconvenience for everyone.”
Tania Lennon from Dasha’s Hardware said that it she is disappointed to lose another thing in our town. As a business customer, she uses the branch every day they are open to deposit takings and to get change.
“Small business and small towns shouldn’t have to bear the brunt of big business closures,” Tania said. “I will be sad to see them leave because it will impact our business. I am also sad for the oldies who can’t use online banking and I will be sad to see another empty building in our main street.
Tania also said that she is considering her options for future banking services and is not sure what they will do. Whatever the future holds she believes it will not be the same.
“You can’t replace the service you get from your local branch and being able to talk face to face with someone you know and who knows your business.”
Another NAB customer who is not happy with the decision is Anne Thrift from CT Electric. She said that she is angry at the decision, and will be moving all their accounts to Regional Australia Bank.
“It would be too hard for us to operate without having a local branch because we go in most days to do our banking,” Anne said. “I am sad for the girls who work there because they are always so helpful and I am really angry to see another big business close its doors in our town.”