GLENRAC’s Emergency Redi kicks off Proactive Workshop series

16th Apr 2024

In a world fraught with uncertainties, preparation is key to safeguarding yourself and your loved ones.GLENRAC is taking proactive steps to empower individuals and communities with the necessary tools and knowledge to navigate emergencies effectively.
With a series of five dynamic workshops slated for April and May 2024, the Glen Innes Natural Resources Advisory Committee (GLENRAC) is pleased to offer our community members the opportunity to improve their emergency preparedness, from mastering chainsaw operation to learning crucial remote first aid skills, these workshops promise to be both enlightening and empowering.
All workshops are either free or heavily subsidised to a fraction of the usual cost and will include presentations from representatives of key emergency services, training organisations and other stakeholders relevant to emergency preparedness and response.
Our event attendees will also have the opportunity to chat over lunch with those who have real-life experience in emergency situations, including from the Australian Red Cross, Rural Fire Service, State Emergency Service and Northern Tablelands Wildlife Carers.
GLENRAC’s first workshop, focussing on Emergency Preparedness Planning, titled: “Emergency Redi with Red Cross”, was held on Thursday 11 April at the Glen Innes Uniting Church Hall. The event was a resounding success, including presentations from the Australian Red Cross, Glen Innes SES and the NSW Rural Fire Service - all sharing their knowledge and insight into Emergency Readiness.
The remaining four GLENRAC workshops will provide training/advice in practical skills of great use during emergencies, including:
• Chainsaw Operation and Maintenance – 2 full days: Tuesday 30 April & Wednesday 1 May 2024 (at the Glen Innes Agricultural & Research Station)
• Service & Maintain Small Powered Machines – Thursday 2 May (at the Glen Innes Agricultural & Research Station)
• Caring for Wildlife in an Emergency – Saturday 11 May 2024 (at the Glen Innes Showgrounds Tearooms) and
• Rural and Remote First Aid - 2 full days: Monday 20 & Tuesday 21 May (at the Potter Building, Glen Innes History House)
Additional events will be hosted across the Northern Tablelands by our sister organisations within the New England Landcare Network: Granite Borders Landcare Committee (or GBLC, in Tenterfield); Southern New England Landcare (or SNEL, in Armidale) and Gwydir and Macintyre Resources Management Committee (or GWYMAC in Inverell).
These event topics include:
• ‘Disaster Preparedness for Newcomers – fire and flood’ (1/5/2024) (SNEL)
• ‘Fire Emergency Preparedness - firefighting equipment maintenance and repair’ (2/5/2024) (GWYMAC)
• ‘Fire Preparedness, Planning and Community Connection in Tenterfield Shire’ (9/5/2024) and ‘Fire Ant Biosecurity Risk Reduction and Awareness among Tenterfield Community (17/5/2024) (GBLC)