Garden Club introduces weekend meetings

27th Oct 2020

At its meeting on September 28th, the members of the Guyra Garden Club unanimously voted to change their monthly meeting schedule to include four weekend meeting days, beginning in 2021.
In doing this, members realised that there were gardeners out there who could not make meetings during the working week. Members wanted other people to appreciate and experience the benefits of gardening and being a member of the Club.
Club President Wendy Mulligan said that membership of the Guyra Garden Club provided the following personal benefits.
• Helps fight diseases like osteoporosis by encouraging mobility and flexibility
• Builds strength through exercise and endurance
• Improves memory
•Reduces stress and anxiety by improving overall mood and sense of wellbeing
• Fosters human friendships and connections
• Helps build community through the Club’s community garden and the proposed 2021 Spring Flower Festival memorial avenue and mandala garden
Club treasurer David Kanaley added that gardeners help the environment by reducing air and noise pollution, soil erosion and providing habitat for birds and other animals. Gardeners also help the environment by minimising carbon footprint and filtering the groundwater.
Most importantly, by being a member of the Guyra Garden Club you will make new friends who have similar interests to you. You will also benefit by sharing gardening tips, learning from visits to other members and non-members gardens, trading plants, listening to an annual lecture presentation on anything from selecting cool climate plants in times of drought to garden design, to sharing an annual lunch, travelling to visit gardens outside of the New England region on an annual trip and even, if you would like, to helping out at plant sales. Membership costs $20. Phone David on 0439 895 011 for more details and to apply for membership.

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