Water consumption goes on display

20th Oct 2020

The region’s water usage and dam level statistics are being published on Armidale Regional Council’s website each week to showcase past and present water consumption behaviours and guide residents on our ‘new normal’ for water consumption. Residents can compare water usage and dam storage levels dating back to pre-drought conditions to help in ongoing water conservation efforts.
Armidale Regional Council Interim Administrator Viv May said while Council capably managed the emergency water conditions over the past year, the water supply still hasn’t completely recovered and residents must continue to be vigilant.
“The comparisons are remarkable to see following last year’s record low rainfall and run off into the dams,” Mr May said. “While residents should be highly commended for their water-saving efforts, I encourage the community to continue to keep up the great work and maintain the target consumption of 180 Litres per person per day,” said Mr May.
Residents are reminded to be mindful of their water usage, particularly with the increase in water charges.
Consultation will commence from next week on the development of a new Drought Management Plan. Key stakeholder sessions are being conducted next week in Armidale and Guyra followed by a community survey for the community to share their views on the future of water management in the Armidale region.
Council is aiming to adopt a new Drought Management Plan by the end of March 2021.