New phone policy has positive effects

Without the distraction of mobile phones students are less distracted in the classroom and playground behaviour has improved
09th Mar 2021

Restrictions on the use of mobile phones at Guyra Central School have had a positive effect in both the classroom and in the playground. The school implemented the use of Yondr pouches in Term 4 of 2020 as part of a new phone policy at the school.
Each morning when students arrive at school, they magnetically lock their devices into their own Yondr pouch. It allows students to maintain possession of their devices, but they cannot be used and they are not able to unlocked until the end of the day.
Acting Head Teacher Wellbeing Linley Ryan said that negative incidences directly related to inappropriate phone use have dropped by over 40% since the implementation of the policy.
“The benefits of the policy include an extraordinary improvement in student engagement in the classroom,” Mrs Ryan said.
“There are far less distractions and an improved learning environment for all students.”
“In the playground we have also witnessed dramatic changes.
“Students are communicating with each other and there has been an increase in participation in recreational pursuits and physical activity in the playground.

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