Sweet treats added to the Rainbow Room

12th Oct 2021

The Rainbow Room has been one of many businesses struggling against the never-ending challenges of COVID-19.
Owner Jypsi Hooper said that it has been an especially tough year because of lockdown, but she remains optimistic for her little shop, and is trying anything and everything to keep afloat.
As a young mum trying to keep her fledging business going, she has had the added strain of having kids at home and no tourists coming through. During the most recent lockdown she expanded into home deliveries and now she is expanding her little shop’s selection to include lollies.
“I did have lollies before lockdown - everyone likes a lolly,” Jypsi said. “Everyone likes our shop’s feeling of a time gone by, and lollies in that way are timeless.
“Our stock was decimated by mice and after sanitising the whole shop up and down I felt so defeated, then hit by so many restrictions out of my control.”
“But we won’t give up. If it was just for money I’d have given up long ago. But it’s also for the community, to provide locals and not just the tourists with nice places to go. I feel all the shops here do that’.
Lollies and a colouring competition for TroutFest (October 15-17) are available at the Rainbow Room as of this week. Please note current government restrictions apply and only double vaccinated persons may enter until December 1. Jypsi is currently working on more online and home delivery options to cover everyone.
You will find the Rainbow Room at 91 Bradley Street, Guyra (formerly the Commonwealth Bank)