RAS Rural Achiever shares passion for agriculture with Guyra students

Guyra Central School’s Farm Assistant, Grace Collins, was honoured with the prestigious 2024 RM Williams RAS Rural Achiever Award at this year’s Royal Easter Show.
23rd Apr 2024

In a remarkable celebration of dedication and passion for agriculture, Guyra Central School’s very own Farm Assistant, Grace Collins, has been honoured with the prestigious 2024 RM Williams RAS Rural Achiever Award at this year’s Royal Easter Show.
This accolade holds significant esteem as it shines a spotlight on young individuals, specifically those in their 20s, who are actively contributing to the enrichment of rural Australia. Grace’s achievement not only highlights her exceptional commitment to the agricultural sector but also positions her as a shining example of the future leadership in this vital industry.
Grace’s journey in agriculture is marked by her current academic pursuit, a Bachelor of Agriculture at the University of New England. Her selection as one of the eight finalists for this year’s award underscores her outstanding contribution and dedication to the agricultural community at a young age.
What sets Grace apart is her fervent passion for educating and nurturing the upcoming generation of agriculturalists. Her vision extends beyond her current role and academic endeavours, as she aspires to further her studies with a Master of Education. Grace’s ultimate dream is to mould young minds as a high school agriculture teacher, a testament to her commitment to the future of agriculture.
Guyra Central School, where Grace serves as a Farm Hand assisting Mrs. Rebecca Smith at the School Farm, considers itself immensely privileged to have someone of Grace’s calibre and passion as part of their team.
Her role at the farm and her broader ambitions reflect a deep-rooted passion for agriculture that is infectious and inspiring for the students she interacts with. The school community and all who have had the pleasure of working with Grace are excited to see where her journey will take her. With such passionate and dedicated individuals like Grace Collins at the helm, the future of agriculture in Australia looks incredibly bright.