Fruity Fun at St Mary of the Angels

Years 3 and 4
12th Sep 2023

Students from St Mary of the Angels celebrated the start of Fruit & Veggie Month this week with a fabulous fruit inspired dress up. The students creatively made costumes to show off their favourite fruit and veggies. There certainly were some dazzling costumes on display and lots of fruit coloured inspirations on show too. Thanks to the students and families for making this a very special day - they always love a good reason to dress up.  
Following the morning of fruit and veg fashions, students also enjoyed some delicious and fresh fruit salad cups for recess. They were generously donated all of the fruit and veg from our local IGA store in Guyra and would like to thank them for their kind donations. The students loved to sample a wide range of fresh produce and even found some new favourite fruits that they had never tasted before. Thanks also for St Marys staff who prepared the fruit salad.
Fruit & Veggie Month will continue for the rest of September and this is a good time for families and students to try new foods and to increase their intake of nutritious and natural foods. Each class will be completing some activities about fruit and veggies over the coming weeks.

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