OPINION: Vote carefully and choose wisely

16th Nov 2021

Candidates in the upcoming local government elections will need to achieve the required quota to be elected. The current enrolment figure in the Armidale Regional Council area is 20,070 and with eleven councillors, the quota to be elected will be approximately 1,269.
This time around there will be less votes coming from within the old Guyra Shire area. Since Tingha has become part of Inverell Shire, roughly eight hundred residents have moved, so the remaining population in the old Guyra LGA is roughly 3,700 which equates to around 1,850 voters. With only 1,850 potential votes in total within the old Guyra LGA, we will be struggling to get one locally elected candidate, so choose carefully if you want someone local to represent you.
Currently there are two candidates from the old Guyra LGA. If the Guyra community want one, or more locals to represent them on the ARC Council, then how you vote becomes very important. If you vote first for one of these candidates and then the remainder of your votes goes towards other candidates, neither of the two candidates may get sufficient votes to get across the line. A possible way forward is for voters in the old Guyra LGA to vote the two Guyra candidates as 1, 2 before any other candidates. Then vote for a minimum of four other candidates of your choice. This way the preferences will be distributed among these two before going to other candidates.
Hopefully we will get at least one of these two on Armidale Regional Council, but remember, once they are elected, they must represent and make balanced decisions for the whole LGA, not just the Guyra area. If they are from the Guyra area at least they can voice your issues in debate and decision making.
• It is your right and choice who you vote for. You do not have to follow the candidates ‘How to Vote’ suggestions.
• Vote carefully and please vote for at least six candidates, preferably all 11.
• While it takes time, VOTE BELOW THE LINE and select candidates from the RIGHT HAND COLUMN to ensure you get the candidates you want on Council, not someone selected by a political party, or group.
• If you support the ‘Save and Grow Guyra’, it is important that you vote and make your vote count, as for the near future, it will be one council and representation is important. If you do not vote formally, then you have no right to complain about lack of representation.
Good luck and may we get a good group of councillors.
Simon Murray