to provide tech help for seniors in Guyra

01st Nov 2022

A new partnership between the Guyra Library and Guyra Central School will see a new intergenerational program operating to share knowledge and increase digital awareness among seniors. has already rolled the program out across 36 locations with great success and is looking to kick off in Guyra next week.
Tony Rothacker from said that the program is mutually beneficial for both seniors and the young people involved.
“The aim is to help older members of the community who are often challenged by technology, and also assist younger members of the community to gain life skills which will help them as they prepare for life after school,” Tony said.
“We are encouraging anyone who is having trouble negotiating the digital world to come to the Guyra library on Monday morning between 10 to 12. They will be paired with school students to get their issues solved.
“The service is free for anyone who is in need of basic tech advice of any kind. It could be how to get the pictures off your mobile phone, or accessing online services such as Medicare, Centrelink or Service NSW.
“What is great about this approach is that the seniors can get personalised advice for their specific issue while the youngsters develop customer service skills and life skills such as patience and empathy,” Tony concluded.
The intergenerational program is being offered from next Monday 7th November and will continue on a weekly basis. Booking is preferred which you can do by visiting or you can register by calling the library on 6770 7123.
The program is also up and running in Armidale every Wednesday between 2pm and 4pm. Bookings can be made online or by phoning Armidale library on 67703636.