Talking dry times in the garden

Guest Speaker Simon Rickard, with Garden Club Secretary Sue Atkin, Treasurer David Kanaley and President Wendy Lean.
15th Jul 2019
Janelle Stewart

The Guyra Bowling Club was packed on Monday for their annual luncheon with around 100 people gathering to hear an inspirational talk by Simon Rickard.
The garden club has more than 100 members who come from a wide area to share the love of gardening. They meet in a different garden each month, however they usually stay inside during the colder months.
They enjoyed an informative talk by Mr Rickard who had some great advice, especially for gardening during dry times.
He has extensive experience and worked as the head gardener at the Diggers Club in Victoria for 9 years and has also worked as a market gardener.
The focus of his talks were gardening in a dry climate and how to have a beautiful and colourful garden in winter.
His advice was to garden with your climate and choose plants from those parts of the world with similar climates to our own.
“If you do this you will find you have a big palette to work with,” Simon said.
“Most Australians spend too much time planting a spring garden, but if you plan ahead you can also have a beautiful garden in winter which can really lift your spirits.
He said that Australia has much more in common with a mediterranean climate than anywhere else.
“The concept of irrigating gardens is something that is unique to Australia,” he said.
“Nowhere else in the world do they pant gardens that require constant watering.”
“My advice is to only plant what will survive on the rain you get and give up on the idea of a lush British style of garden.”