Council looks to establish off lease areas in Guyra

01st Nov 2022

Armidale Regional Council has endorsed a recommendation that could see two leash free areas for dogs established in Guyra. The areas under consideration are in Balblair and Sandon Sts.
There are currently no formalised leash-free areas in Guyra, although a temporary site on Mackenzie Street owned by Guyra Local Aboriginal Land Council has been utilised in the past.
According to Council records over 60% of the Guyra households have at least one dog and on that basis there is a demonstrable need for a permanent leash-free areas in Guyra.
Leash-free areas are designed to allow pet owners to exercise their animals without a leash in an open environment where they are not likely to impact on other recreational area users.
Leashfree areas provide a location for owners where their dogs can be exercised and socialised with other dogs and therefore reduce problems such as barking and other nuisance behaviour.
The two sites under consideration both have access to the water network and would only require minor works to facilitate water troughs and/or bubbler systems. Both sites require secure fencing around the area to ensure that dogs are kept within the approved leash-free areas.
Park benches and tables would also be installed to allow for dog owners to interact with other owners whilst exercising and socialising their dogs. Dog waste bags and bins will also be installed and serviced by existing Ranger staff. Dependant on remaining budget some dog play equipment may also be incorporated within the areas.
The two (2) preferred sites are to be placed on public exhibition for no less than 28 days.