LLS here to help

04th Sep 2019

With the unprecedented drought taking its toll across our region, it is more important than ever that we look to our friends, family and outside services for support.
The expertise of the Northern Tablelands Local Land Services team is readily accessible and available in these challenging times and the message to the farming community from Sustainable Agriculture Team Leader Lauren Wilson is loud and clear.
“We are here to help!”
The Northern Tablelands LLS team are well-trained to give advice about feeding options in drought, livestock management, agronomy and animal health. The team is encouraging producers to call on their expertise to assist in making tough decisions.
“We know it is tough out there and our team is there to help you develop a feeding plan tailored to the type of stock you have and the feed they need,” Lauren said. “With the drought so widespread producers are looking at new and unfamiliar feed sources and are unsure about quality. Our team are able to assist you to run the calculations and work out what to feed and how much you need.”
Producers are encouraged to take advantage of the free-of-charge, practical feeding advice the Livestock Officers can offer. It includes feed testing, protein and roughage requirements of your specific class of stock. With shortages in feed, particularly roughage, the quality of the feed can vary widely, making feed testing even more important.
Acknowledging the difficulties presented by the current circumstances, additional resources will be made available by Local Land Services as required. The Northern Tablelands Local Land Services team will work with producers in a way that is convenient for them - whether that is through on-farm visits, phone calls or meeting at designated locations.
They can also help farmers fill out drought relief and subsidy forms which can be confusing.
For help and assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact any of the Northern Tablelands Local Land Services Offices: Inverell – 02 6720 8300, Glen Innes – 02 6732 8800, Armidale – 02 6770 2000 or Tenterfield – 02 6739 1400.