Cookery committee busy planning for NSW conference

04th Oct 2022

The 2023 NSW Land Cookery Committee is very busy planning for the 2023 Cookery Competition at the NSW Conference at Bathurst in May 2023.
The elected 10 member Committee comprises CWA volunteers from throughout NSW including two from Guyra Evening Branch.
Over recent months the Committee have travelled widely throughout NSW hosting “Cookery Information and Judges Techniques” days with great support and interest. The Committee recently travelled to Bathurst for the September meeting to investigate Conference venues and logistics.
One thing is a definite  menu must for this very dedicated community of baking enthusiasts- a great future of the NSW Land Cookery Competition at Branch, Group and State level ! Anyone wanting more information about the Land Cookery Competition, Techniques days or Judges should contact the secretary Mary Hollingworth (Guyra Evening CWA) 0429345255.