Homes North to manage community housing in Guyra

29th Nov 2022

The management of two community housing facilities in Guyra will be transferred to Homes North.
Armidale Regional Council currently operate two separate community housing assets (five flats total) as part of arrangements between NSW Land and Housing and the previous Guyra Shire Council.
These assets were constructed under deeds in the 1980’s for use as community housing assets - one focussed on age group under 40, the other focussed on older community members.
Council currently operates these assets on a ‘first come, first served’ basis, more recently using an external real estate agency to administer tenancy contracts. These community assets are not registered as part of the wider community housing list or crisis accommodation for the region.
A report to council described the assets as having ‘challenging tenancy circumstances’ and revealed that the last occupation of the Nincoola street flats resulted in criminal damage and an insurance claim of over $60,000.
Council staff identified that Homes North would be better equipped to manage these assets and offer additional support to the tenancies as required and have approached Homes North for a management arrangement.
Homes North is a local business that operates as NSW Land and Housing representative. Council also approved an increase in rent percentage, consistent with the wider community housing levels currently under management of Homes North and NSW Land and Housing which both currently levy 25% income arrangements.