Speculation around local council elections in September

24th Feb 2021

Local government elections are due to be held on September 4 this year and speculation is starting around possible candidates.
Last week the focus was on the current Mayor of Armidale Regional Council Dr Ian Tiley. An article in the Clarence Valley Independent newspaper quoted Cr Tiley as saying that he was giving “serious consideration” to running for Clarence Valley Council.
Cr Tiley served as mayor of the
former Maclean Shire Council from 1997 to 2000 and was the first mayor of the merged Clarence Valley Council from 2005 to 2008.
He was appointed administrator of Armidale Regional Council following the amalgamation in 2016 and then put his name forward as a candidate at the 2017 election.
Despite having been elected to Armidale Regional Council, he has lived in Maclean for much of this time and is quoted in the article as saying: “I am a Clarence Valley person, [but] for various reasons I stayed up here [in Armidale] longer than anticipated, but my heart is in the Clarence Valley.”
He spent most of last year in McLean because of COVID, participating in council meetings via Zoom. Recently he says that he has been in Armidale full time.
Cr Tiley said he had not decided what he’ll do or where he’ll live, after Armidale Regional Council goes into caretaker mode in late July, in the lead-up to the September election. Cr Tiley stressed his focus was on the role that he has now, with Armidale Regional Council.