Exciting times ahead with formation of Guyra and Community Progress Association

28th Jun 2022

Through the love of our great little Country town and surrounds, the recently formed Guyra and Community Progress Association would like to invite and welcome everyone from our community to join this vibrant, energetic, committed and positive group.
Our objective is to foster Community involvement, working on beautification projects, the promotion and expansion of tourism for Guyra and surrounds. We encourage your suggestions, design ideas, hands on assistance and feedback to help shape our Community Service Projects.
The Association grew from informal conversations with a group of ordinary citizens wanting to strengthen community ties and build on the perfect mix of a niche locality, essential services, lifestyle and employment opportunities.
As we all live, work, play, invest and enjoy quality of life in our community, we look forward to watching our community thrive and flourish.
Through these endeavours and commitment along with the support from the Armidale Regional Council, our families’ will reap the rewards, with our proactive Association growing and shaping our community for future generations.
The Guyra and Community Progress Association will be applying for grants for our Community Service Projects (which will be spent to get “Bang for your Buck”). Fundraising activities will also be organised, bringing tourism to our town and businesses.
Our aim is to separate priority projects, manage and complete them, then progress to the next project.
Currently the priority projects proposed are:
1. “Gateway” signage to all entrances of Guyra (North, East, South, West)
2. Tourism Notice Board to be erected at the Mother of Duck’s Lagoon
Our next meeting will be held at the Guyra Bowling Club in August and all are welcome. An “Ideas Box” will be available at Timber & Thyme for anyone who would like to contribute their ideas for future community projects. Please drop these off by Friday 12th August and please include name and contact details.
Membership fee of $5.00 per individual covers Insurance for Community Service Projects, and a voice/voting rights on the association.
Exciting times ahead for Guyra!
Donna Davidson
On behalf of the
Guyra and Community Progress Association