Local company to develop region’s Catchment Water Quality Strategic Plan

31st Aug 2021

Armidale Regional Council has awarded the tender to develop the Armidale Regional Council Catchment Water Quality Strategic Plan to local company 2rog Consulting.
2rog Consulting is an environmental consultancy agency based in Armidale, and has a wealth of experience in stakeholder engagement and using science to help solve complex, environmental problems.
The company will work closely with the community and affected landholders to shape and develop strategies that will benefit the health and longevity of the catchments, with these actions to then be implemented by Council over the next ten years.
Council’s General Manager James Roncon said the company will develop a ten year strategic plan to elevate water quality in Council’s storages and improve catchment health.
 “This plan will outline the goals, high priority actions, supporting initiatives and measurement mechanisms to assess and improve water quality outcomes in the greater catchment areas of Council’s storage dams,” said Mr Roncon.
“This will ensure we are doing everything that can be done to improve the quality of water entering the storage dams while guiding investment and resource allocation across the greater Malpas, Guyra and Puddledock catchments over the next decade.”
Mr Roncon said this will complement the work already being done to secure the region’s water supply.
“This strategic plan adds to projects such as the upgrade of the Puddledock Dam pipeline and increasing Malpas Dam’s spillway,” said Mr Roncon.
“An investment in water security and catchment health is a crucial step in future-proofing the region and minimising the detrimental impacts that droughts can have on regional communities.” 
It’s expected the strategic plan will be developed by December 2021.