Bringing mental health awareness to the community

Mind your Mates Men 26 October
24th Oct 2023

Two presentations are being held in Guyra this week, focussing on mental health awareness.
The first workshop is for men and will be held at the Soldiers Memorial Hall on Thursday October 26th starting at 5.30pm. Refreshments will be available. The second workshop is for ladies and will be held on Friday October 27th, 9am at Rafters, followed by a morning High Tea.
Mind Your Mates is a 45 minute presentation about recognising the signs of depression, anxiety and thoughts of suicide. The presentation is delivered by Lifeline skills-for-life suicide prevention trainers.
Mental illness can affect anyone at any time, but how many of us would know what to do, or what to say, if someone is distressed or in a crisis situation? Most of us have heard of or undertaken training in physical first aid, but when it comes to mental health or emotional first aid we are not so well trained or equipped.
Takeaways from the presentation:
Recognise the warning signs of mental health problems
Provide skills needed to speak openly about mental health
Gain knowledge about how to offer support and what services to refer someone to if they require professional support.
Bookings can be made by following links:
Men’s event:
Women’s event:
For more information contact Mareia Stannard or phone 0427 456 848 

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