Mural brings walls to life

22nd Sep 2020

A collaborative artwork by James Warren and Tony Amaral now graces the walls of the Australian Poetry Hall of Fame. The colourful work encompasses a corner position in the building and James said he hopes that it will provide inspiration for others.
Tony is an artist who is usually based in Dili, Timor-Leste, however is currently living in Guyra with his partner Lizzie.
He studied art in his home country and also won a scholarship to study fine arts in Sydney. Tony has a large body of work in his home country including commissions in a number of government buidings. He has also exhibited his work both in Timor-Leste and in Australia.
James said that he always wanted to have beautiful art work in the building and he was excited to be able to work with Tony to add this first mural.
He also wants to encourage more colour throughout the town and inspire people in Guyra to do something similar on a spare wall.
The design includes a koala because it is part of the mission statement of the Australian Poetry Hall of Fame to help replant native forests.
Cockatoos are included in the design because they represent Guyra and the blue represents water which is important to life.
James and Tony worked together to bring the vision to life. The work was completed over three days with around 16hrs in total time to complete, and took around $200 worth of paint.
If anyone has a wall that they want to do something similar on he would be more than happy to discuss the possibilities which he says are ‘endless’.

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