Late winter brings first snow

30th Aug 2022

Guyra is no stranger to winter snow, but this year had to wait until the last week of winter for a significant fall. It came on Tuesday night as a fast moving severe cold front passed through the Northern Tablelands bringing strong winds, showers and low temperatures.
Snow began to fall on the higher areas from Black Mountain to Ben Lomond in the evening. In Guyra a ten minute shower of hail at around 6pm was followed by moderate to heavy snow showers from around 7pm to 8pm easing to intermittent light snow showers for the remainder of the evening.
Snow settled on the ground to a depth of 4 to 6 cms, and was still on the ground the following morning, melting later in the day. Temperatures hovered around zero to -1C from 7pm during the snowfalls.
While winter has come to an end, there is still a chance of more falls. Records show that snow in spring is always a possibility given the right conditions. Between 1982 and 2021 snow has fallen in September and/or October in 20 of those years. One of the biggest snowfalls in recent memory came in October of 2012 with a heavy overnight fall which measured 10cm on the ground.
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