Minister readies NE region for transmission consultation

Consultation will soon begin to identify possible placements for new transmission lines.
23rd May 2023

NSW Minister for Energy Penny Sharpe last week announced that consultation will soon begin on the corridor identifying possible placements for the transmission lines that will carry power from the New England Renewable Energy Zone to the Upper Hunter. 
This preliminary study corridor for the transmission lines will be approximately 1km wide and will be refined as a result of community consultation undertaken by the NSW Government.
NSW’s EnergyCo is currently preparing a range of materials to distribute to communities in the region to help build an understanding of what this means for them.
The New England Renewable Energy Zone was declared in December 2021 and will be an integral part of NSW’s transition to clean energy as aging coal fired power stations are retired.
New England based Heidi McElnea, Engagement Coordinator with non-profit Community Power Agency, is encouraging people in the area to get involved.
“We’re keen to see the NSW Government roll out information about preliminary transmission corridors for the New England REZ and start this stage of the consultation process,” Ms McElnea said.
“It is a window of opportunity for communities who have an innate knowledge of their local area.
“We all need to work together to find the best ways to balance planning, people and the environment, as well as the technical aspects.”
Community Power Agency is working in the region to connect local people to the right information, building the capacity of locals to know what an excellent transition can look like.
Community Power Agency does this through fostering collaboration, offering capacity building to local governments and community organisations and sharing expertise on community engagement, benefit sharing and local procurement.
There is an interactive map on the New England Renewable Energy Zone website, and it is expected to be updated with the proposed transmission corridor as early as June. 
That web address is