White Rock Wind Farm Community Grant Fund Applications open

19th Apr 2023

White Rock Wind Farm (WRWF) is seeking written applications from local community groups and organisations within 50 km of the wind farm that would like to apply for grants from the Community Fund.
A total of $197,996 is available for projects across a range of community activities and interests, such as environmental, social, cultural and educational. 
Applications are invited for projects in one of two categories: 
* Minor Projects under $5,000; and 
* Major Projects over $5,000.  
Glen Innes Severn Council is managing the application process on behalf of White Rock Wind Farm.  The closing date for applications is 4:30pm on Friday, 28 April 2023. Late applications will not be accepted. 
The WRWF Community Fund Committee, consisting of the project owners, local Council’s and community representatives, will review all submissions received by the closing date and allocate the funds to those projects which meet the application criteria. 
Successful applicants will be notified in writing after Friday, 16 June 2023. 
Applications will be considered for projects located within a 50 km radius of WRWF. Distance weighting will be applied to all projects according to the zone in which the project is located e.g. zero to 10km from the windfarm (Zone A), 10km to 20km (Zone B) etc. Ben Lomond is in Zone B and Guyra is in Zone D.
The applicant must list what zone the project will fall within. Preference will be given to those projects closest to WRWF. This weighting will be considered together with other selection criteria such as direct benefit to the community, demonstrated sound financial management, etc.