Dalby Hereford Youth Camp

Keegan Coleman (Year 8) achieved 4th place in the Hereford Bull class
09th Jul 2024

Six students from Guyra Central School, ranging from year 7 to 11 in Agriculture, participated in the four-day Queensland Hereford Youth Camp in Dalby alongside Mrs Smith and Mrs Gwyneth Pearson.
The students kicked off their experience with an industry visit at the Wonga Plains Cattle Feedlot on the first day. They explored the grain stores and expansive feedlot, gaining insights into the grain-fed cattle industry from the feedlot owner.
Subsequently, they settled at the Dalby Showground, where they camped for three nights and savoured a delightful BBQ.
The students were divided into teams and tasked with tending to the cattle stalls, feeding and watering the cattle, and learning various skills such as trimming, washing, judging, and parading their animals over the next three days.
Throughout the camp, the students engaged in workshops covering topics like nutrition, trimming, artificial insemination, career opportunities in the cattle industry, meat judging/tasting, and industry discussions.
They also participated in a committee meeting and an auction during the final dinner, which added an entertaining touch to the experience. The students’ exemplary behaviour and hard work were recognized with numerous ribbons. Here are the notable results:
Billy Lockyer: 1st Place in Hereford Bull class, 4th place in Heifer class, 1st place in Herdsman class.
Keegan Coleman: 4th Place in Hereford Bull class and an Encouragement award.
Lincoln Brown: 4th Place in Heifer Class, 2nd in Junior Judging, 3rd in Public Speaking, and Encouragement Award.
Max Lockyer: 4th in Heifer Class, 3rd place in Herdsman class.
Darcy Grills: 2nd in Heifer class, 6th in Paraders.
Angus Dullaway: 1st in Heifer class, 4th in Junior Judging, 4th in Public Speaking, and an Encouragement award.
Special thanks to the parents for their support, providing food and other assistance for this excursion. A heartfelt thank you to the students for their outstanding performance, making us proud of their achievements and behaviour.
Gratitude extends to Gwyn Pearson for her invaluable assistance, and a big thank you to Mrs Jane Weier (ALEC) for sponsoring the excursion, significantly
reducing the students’ travel costs to this event.