Centenary Celebrations at Bald Blair

A wooden time capsule box was filled with items and sealed on the day. It is intended to be opened in 2045 when the school is 125 years old.
16th May 2023

It might have been three years late; however, many old friends were reunited at the Bald Blair Public School Centenary Morning Tea Celebration over the weekend.
More than 100 former students, staff and community members gathered with the current student and staff cohort to celebrate 100 years of quality teaching and learning.
Sam White, of Bald Blair Station, spoke at the celebration and emphasised the wonderful community spirit that has existed at the school for the last 100 years. Mr Chris Bice, Director of Educational Leadership for the Northern Tablelands, spoke about the significance of public education and the role Bald Blair has played in shaping the futures of so many in the community.
Principal Ros Edwards, spoke about the role of schools in communities and that school life is a holistic experience for students, where every facet of their being is nurtured in a safe and inclusive environment.
“The centenary celebration provided a wonderful occasion for the school and the community to reflect upon and be proud of their past achievements, while at the same time, taking stock of their current effort and plans for the future,” Ms Edwards said.
“On behalf of the school, I would like to thank the Centenary committee for their work in bringing the celebration together, particularly Jane Moffatt, Chair of the committee for her tireless work in organising this event.”

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