Farmers filthy about rubbish charges

23rd Jun 2020

Chair of the Guyra Branch of NSW Farmers Callan Schaefer has raised concerns that Guyra ratepayers are being slammed with a 157% increase in their rates notice to pay for the Regional Landfill. It follows the release of the 2020/21 Draft Operational Plan which could see these new charges imposed.
Callan said that they currently pay $56 per rates notice, but now Armidale Regional Council are increasing this to $144 per rates notice. 
“How is this fair? Guyra residents did not get a say nor input into this decision,” Callan said.
“Armidale Dumaresq Council decided on the new landfill in Armidale long before the council merged with Guyra, so Guyra residents had no say in this project, but are now being asked to pay for its debt!”
“How do we as farmers benefit from this? We are getting hit from both sides.
“We are paying for a roadside service that we do NOT receive and we get charged $50 a small trailer or Ute PER load at the transfer station,” he added. “If you go in once a month that’s an extra $600 per year on top of $144 already paid.”
Another concern is for those who have multiple rates notices. Each block whether it be vacant or has a house on it receives these charges.
“That’s a costly expense and for what?” Callan said. “Why should we be paying these fees with no benefits or services.”
“Councillors have just been stood down and then they release this. Where’s our representation? Who do we have to talk to?”
“We need as much community involvement as possible to put a STOP to this!”
Guyra Branch of NSW Farmers have organised a GoTo meeting with Armidale Regional Council on Thursday July 2nd at 12:30pm and are asking their members to try and log in to this session to have their say.
Login details for this meeting will be emailed to members as soon as they are available. They need as many members as possible to attend to make their voice heard.
They are also urging their members to take part in information sessions that are currently being run by Armidale Regional Council.
The face to face sessions in Guyra will be held at 140 Bradley St (next to GALA) on Thursday July 9th 10;30-12:30pm as well as an evening session at Wards Mistake on Friday July 3rd 6pm-7:30pm and at the Ben Lomond village on Wednesday, July 8th 6-7:30pm.