Enrolments on the rise for 2021

Transition Class at Guyra Central School
15th Dec 2020

Guyra Central School will have its biggest kindergarten class in a number of years with the enrolment for next year currently sitting at 25. This is almost double last year’s initial intake of just 13 students, which has grown to 17 with extra enrolments. The higher enrolment can be put down to both increased birth rates and new people moving to town.
Mrs Sjaan Mitchell will be in charge of Kindergarten for her fourth year and said she expects a smooth start thanks to the transition program that has been running at the school since the start of term 4.
“Like most things this year we had to rethink how things were done and modify our usual one day a week 6 month transition program due to COVID-19,” Mrs Mitchell said. “Instead we have been running our transition program two days a week during term 4 and the kids have all settled into routines and school life really well.”
Mrs Mitchell said that transition is all about establishing routines and settling students into the normal daily routine of school. As part of the program, they have been taking part in lots of activities, rotating between literacy, craft, maths, and playtime. Routines are also important at home and parents can help to make the transition to school easier by establishing a set bedtime and wake up time as well as incorporating learning activities into their child’s day to day life.
There are also good enrolments expected for the secondary school next year. On Tuesday, December 1st, Year 6 students from Guyra Central, as well as students from local feeder schools were welcomed for activities as part of their preparation for transition into high school.
Organiser of the transition program Mr Andrew Murray said that COVID-19 has meant that formal transition was limited to just one day instead of the normal three days.
The school is expecting 30 enrolments next year for Year 7, and students were given a chance to experience a day in the life of a high schooler with a taste of Science, English, Food Tech, Art and Agriculture as well as time in the playground.
“Being part of a Central School makes transition a lot easier as students already know the staff and many of the school’s routines,” Mr Murray said.
“Welcoming students from outside the school was a bit harder this year due to COVID however I have been in contact through the feeder schools and hoped that they felt welcome and enjoyed their day.”

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