Thank you

31st May 2022

The New England vote for myself as the Labor candidate was the highest in 25 years. This showed that voters wanted an option for progressive leadership.
Thank you to everyone who contacted and spoke to me about your concerns. Many of you are truly frustrated with the constant political announcements that do not address the real issues our communities are facing.
You told me that you want change to the integrity of the Parliament and action on climate change, and you want it now.
Our health system is broken, and I was shocked to hear so many stories of the trauma families have gone through to get the medical help they need for their loved ones.
So many small business owners told me of the challenges they have with attracting and keeping staff to build their business or provide services to the community.
The cost and availability of housing is also high on your list of priorities, and I understand that many of you are concerned about government debt and reckless spending.
These issues need to be addressed immediately if our region is to grow and be stable for families, and I am confident the Labor government has an ordered, thoughtful and measured plan to do this.
The new Government will address these challenges in our electorate, and  I will continue to be your voice for Labor in New England.
Along with others, I will hold our Member of Parliament to account into the future.
Thank you for carefully considering your vote and showing your faith in me. I look forward to an Australia that leaves no-one behind. 
Laura Hughes
Labor for New England