Rex Airlines extends suspension until October

20th Feb 2024

Rex Airlines has extended suspension of its flights from Armidale to Sydney until October 27.
The airline announced the extension on Friday, February 2, blaming “continuing dislocated supply chains post COVID that are heavily impacting the provision of aircraft spare parts, especially aircraft engine parts”.
Flights to and from Armidale Regional Airport were initially suspended in October last year.
Then, the regional carrier blamed the suspension of services on other carriers pillaging its pilots, as well as a shortage of engines, forcing the carrier to park 340 aircraft.
Rex has now said it will need to prolong the regional network reductions implemented throughout last year.
“Rex prefers to reduce services if it does not have the resources to fly them rather than continue to sell tickets for phantom flights and then cancelling them at the last minute,” Rex’s general manager of network strategy, Warrick Lodge, said.
“Rex is committed to the rebuilding of its regional network and intends to return to the standard flight schedules from October 27, subject to the situation improving.”