Royal is the right pub, in the right town

07th Feb 2023

The new owners of the Royal Hotel admit they have big shoes to fill, taking over what is a well-established business from local owners. Paul Edwards and Gary Parsons are looking forward to the challenge.
While they officially took over less than a month ago, they have been regular visitors for more than six months. During that time, they have taken their time to get to know previous owners Shane and Naomi Davidson and get to know the town.
Gary has many years of experience running a variety of businesses, while Paul is a veteran of the police force who was looking to move on. The two have been mates since school and had been on the lookout for a couple of years for the right town, the right pub, and the right people. They found that in Guyra.
“We had been looking for a while and when we found this one we knew it was right from the moment we walked in the door,” Gary said. “The other pubs we looked at needed a lot of work, but here everything had already been done and done well. It just felt right.”
Gary and Paul will take turns in managing the pub, working month on, month off at a time. They say they are lucky to have inherited a team of staff who have made the transition a smooth one.
“The staff are all great people and they work well together,” Paul said. “Having that team in place means we were able to just walk in and everyone knew what they were doing. It’s the staff who make this place what it is, they love working here and we love having them.”
The new owners say that they won’t be making any big changes, and will just tweak a few things such as minor upgrades in the kitchen to make things work more smoothly, and upgrading the facilities upstairs for their overnight guests. They are also trialling regular entertainment to see how that goes and have plans to install soundproofing to make the open areas more amenable for patrons.
Both Paul and Gary say they are committed to the town and not here to make a quick buck. They believe that businesses need to put something back to the community where they can. All the club sponsorships that were in place with the previous owners will continue, as well as adding more to their books.
They have both been overwhelmed at the welcome they have received. ‘Everyone has been fantastic, we have been made welcome by everyone and other businesses have been so supportive – this really is the friendliest town.’