Rotary hosts Brazilian exchange student

Brazilian exchange student Felippe in the woolshed
30th Jan 2024

Seventeen-year-old Filippe Papotti Brait was hosted by the Rotary Club of Guyra for a few days from Sunday January 21st.
Filippe is on exchange from Brazil and his visit follows on from Guyra local Ingrid Geere experiencing Mexico as an exchange student last year. Filippe lives in a city of about 1 million people, so experiencing small communities such as Guyra and Uralla as part of his exchange was a big adjustment but opened his eyes as to what is possible.
As part of his visit to Guyra Filippe was hosted for a day by Wendy and Peter Mulligan at their Baldersleigh Road property. He had a great experience working in their shearing shed. He learnt to shear sheep as well as doing other jobs such as throwing shorn fleeces on to skirting tables. His first shorn sheep was a bit rough but the second was perfect. He very much enjoyed the day and even ate his first homemade scones at morning tea saying, “they were delicious.”
Filippe was also hosted by the President of the Rotary Club, David Kanaley, who took him to visit the new Memorial Park and Rotary BBQ in Bradley Street as well as the Rotary Hall (old Scout Hall) project in Nincoola Street.
Another highlight of his visit was a lunch at Patricia and Andrew Tims property in Black Mountain where he delighted in an Indian meal with many varied dishes with a Brazilian twist. In return Filippe produced a Brazilian chocolate desert which was most enjoyable. He said, “both countries have diverse but inclusive populations made up from immigrants from many countries.”
Filippe’s visit to Guyra and Australia more generally is designed to provide him with an opportunity to experience Australian culture and to develop as a leader who will promote peace and justice around the world.
As part of his exchange, he will also visit Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide, Newcastle, Uluru and Alice Springs. We wish Filippe well on his journey of discovery and personal growth.
David Kanaley
Rotary Club of Guyra

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